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Guidelines for Alanon (Zoom) Meeting Hosts/Moderators


  • Below are *Links for various solutions for Zoom meetings issues that may come up with your local online meeting. (* Please note): The links (in Red) are from non-conference approved sources. These links are not endorsements or associated in anyway by or with AFG.


  • We’ve also included a few informational PDF’s from Al-Anon’s WSO (which are conference approved) that address “Electronic Meetings”.


  • We are in uncharted territories and have decided to place these Links on our site as they offer our recovery community members clear, concise and prudent information on common issues and questions with Zoom meetings.


Please be aware that *Hacking is not an issue in these meetings. *Please see “Anonymity & Suggested Default Zoom Settings Link.  


Being that the majority of these meetings are made to be easily accessible to the general public, just like our ‘Regular/Normal’ face to face meetings, anyone can attend. (See the Third Tradition).

Zoom Bombing” however has become an issue with some meetings and the links provide practical solutions to help avoid any occurrence of ‘Zoom Bombing’.

As with any meeting, anyone who disrupts a meeting should be dealt with in an appropriate manner up to and including removal from the meeting, i.e. asked to leave if their behavior continues to disrupt the meeting.

It would be wise to not “Lock Down” or “Password protect” a meeting, as this would create a barrier to the newcomer. They would be shut out of a meeting and/ or wouldn’t have the ability to know the Host/Moderator is (from other meetings) to access the meeting Password.

The best option is up to the group. However, a “Waiting room” is a middle ground option. (See links on Zoom “Waiting Room”) This will allow the host to quickly observe and monitor any problematic behavior late comers may exhibit i.e. Zoom Bombing.

Zoom meetings have specific tools to deal with these types of disturbances. And it is up to the meeting Host/Moderator to familiarize themselves with these tools and vigilantly apply them as needed.

  1. How to enable waiting rooms:​​​

  2. Zoom bombing prevention: johnson.html

  3. Prevent Zoom-Bombing:

  4. Meeting Controls:

  5. Manage Participants:

  6. NEW Waiting room 2020 video:


The PDFs  below are WSO Guides  for “Electronic meetings”  which are Conference approved.




What are Al-Anon Electronic Meetings?

Electronic meetings, like all Al Anon meetings, offer help and hope to anyone who is affected by alcoholism in a family member or friend.

Electronic Al Anon meetings agree to abide by the spirit of the Twelve Traditions.

Each Al Anon member is responsible for keeping the meeting focused on Al Anon recovery and discussion of Al Anon related topics.

Al Anon will always be what we—its members—make it. Confidentiality and anonymity varies from platform to platform.

It is the responsibility of the Al Anon member to understand how to maintain personal anonymity when participating in an online Al Anon meeting.

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