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Ventura County Al-Anon
 New & Improved

 ADD New Meeting
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The link below will take you to the SCWS (Southern California World Services) Group Registration Site.

Please use this form for adding New Meetings or any Changes (to existing meetings). Fill in as much of the form as possible. Note: If you need assistance or have questions please contact the SCWS Group Records Coordinator:

This new system will allow 3 things:

1. An enhanced search for anyone, anywhere, trying to find or contact an
Al-Anon meeting in Ventura County.

2. It will register your Group and Group Rep with SCWS & WSO, so that your group info can stay current and relevant.

3. Quicker listing of Updates and New Meeting listings: Approx. 5-7 days!

NOTE: If your meeting is a Zoom or a Hybrid meeting  (*Temporary Electronic Meetings) .
Please be sure to include the Zoom password, This will allow all those who wish to, attend your meeting.
(*WSO  refers to Zoom and Hybrid type meetings as "Temporary Electronic Meetings") 

Remember the Al-Anon Declaration“Let It Begin with Me When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and—Let It Begin with Me”
                                                               CLICK LINK
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